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Comparing ChatGPT with Bard, which generates more duplicate content?

AI is the fashion and communicate of the town.

Marketers have been the use of it to create content material at scale.


So, we desired to look how properly ChatGPT and Bard have been at developing particular content material.

Because all of us realize that growing lots of replica content material isn’t the nice in terms of ranking on the top of Google.

So we decided to run a fun offline test (we weren’t seeking to manage search results, for this reason the offline experiment). Where we had both ChatGPT and Bard each write the equal 1000 articles.

The articles were on numerous subjects, and we gave each of them the identical commands.

And then we took the articles that each ChatGPT and Bard created, and we ran them via Copyscape to see how specific or plagiarized they had been.

ChatGPT VS. Bard
As I stated above, we had ChatGPT produce 1000 articles on diverse subjects.


Out of the 1000 articles, eighty one.4% were specific, and 18.6% have been reproduction.

That means 814 articles have been particular and 186 were replica.


With Bard, we also created one thousand articles at the identical subjects.

Out of 1000 articles, eighty five.1% of them had been unique and 14.9% had been duplicate.

To recap, 851 were unique and 149 had been replica.

So, it’s clean that Bard produces much less duplicate content, however how duplicate is the content?


Duplicate content material
To be clear when I say duplicate, the general public of the time it became only a sentence or that was replica. Sometimes it turned into a few sentences for the duration of the thing.

Every so regularly it was an entire paragraph, but commonly it turned into just a sentence or two.

We determined to take the articles that contained duplicate content to see what number of the general article become duplicated.

As you can see, out of the replica articles, 92.08% of the text that ChatGPT produced was particular and seven.92% wasn’t.

Of the duplicate content Bard produced, in the article best five.21% changed into duplicate and 94.79% became particular.


What we observed is when you have both of the systems create content for you on regular topics in which there are masses of tens of millions of current net pages, it’s miles less complicated for them to create more unique content.

But if it became very specific topics like “why Pluto isn’t a planet anymore”, we determined the articles to be more replica.

I don’t realize why and maybe our pattern length wishes to be accelerated, however perhaps it’s far because there aren’t as many sources from ChatGPT or Bard to drag from.

Which one do people prefer?
Duplication apart, we thought it might be a laugh to see which versions human beings favored.

So, we took the 1000 articles from ChatGPT and put them subsequent to the one thousand articles from Bard.


We then paid 83 human beings (we tried paying one hundred people, however 17 didn’t whole the venture) and asked them to check 6 articles every.

Three from ChatGPT and the three counterparts from Bard.

We didn’t inform them how the thing become created. We simply requested which one they preferred. We received a total of 249 responses.

Bard articles received 188 times out of 249 instances.

ChatGPT won sixty one times.

And then we requested if they thought a human wrote the thing or if it was created through AI.


Based on our look at (with a small pattern size) most people of the time humans couldn’t tell if the item became created by using AI. Because most of the people believed that a human wrote the thing.

Then we requested the eighty three human beings if they preferred reading articles with the aid of a human or AI.

So which AI have to you operate to create content material?
Well, I want you to first imagine reading the New York Times, BBC, or CNN, but all of the content changed into written simply via AI.

How would you feel?


You may not mind some of the content, however you will start getting uninterested in reading regurgitated content material.

Because that is what you get from each ChatGPT and Bard.

Sure, it is able to not be “replica content” most people of the time, but the stuff they crank out isn’t new or fresh.

And humans want new and sparkling content. They want to read stuff primarily based to your experience. Stuff that most effective you will realize.


Google even talks approximately E-E-A-T.

It’s hard to have the ones four elements or even a few of them in case your content material isn’t manually written.

So, if you choose to apply AI to create content material for you, have a human regulate it. Try to include E-E-A-T within your articles.


It will make them higher.

Both the systems are true, despite the fact that I opt for Bard based totally at the above statistics plus it’s far extra updated than ChatGPT (at least for now).

So, do you use AI to jot down content?

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